Spongebob and the lake

THE SEAS ARE STILL SO FLAT it’s like swimming in a lake, the biggest lake in the world, “Lake Pacific.” Today I swam 9.7 miles in 4.5 hours. Dr. Javi took me out of the water twice to take my temperature since the water is pretty cold. When my body temp drops below a certain level, I have to drink hot tea with honey before I can go back in the water, so I took two breaks today.

We were laughing because we take my temperature with a Spongebob thermometer (those of you who don’t know who Spongebob is, ask the nearest 7 year old). ┬áThat thermometer has been across the Atlantic three times!

I know I keep talking about the food, but Sara’s cooking is so amazing it’s tough to leave it out. Tonight we had Hungarian chicken, which is stewed in tomatoes and the wrapped in pancakes and filled with sour cream. Needless to say, it’s enough calories to keep me going all day tomorrow!

Not much else to report, except maybe that I’m giddy with joy.

Talk to you tomorrow,



  1. Following your journey with interest. Keep posting. If you pass through the Panama Canal, I’ll be on the dock cheering you on.

    • admin says:


      Thanks for your support but the crew passed through the Panama Canal back in November when they traveled west from Tobago to Cabo San Lucas. The route we’re on is westward, and unless I keep swimming past Hawaii and back around the world again, I won’t be passing through there anytime soon. But you never know!
      Thanks for your support,

  2. Mom says:

    Hope the seas stay calm for the whole swim to Hawaii! Your Mom will not worry so much! I am very proud of you, DARLING, MOM

  3. shirleen says:

    So thankful that the seas have been calm. I hope and pray each day is safe and all that you would make good progress in this “big lake”. You are pretty incredible! Love Shirleen and Gary from Florida

  4. jake says:

    my library teacher’s mom martha is your cousin.

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